My first SaaS

The logo of my first SaaS: Data Blade

As a professional webdeveloper I’ve created a lot of different applications for many different customers. Most of those applications had one thing in common, they needed to process data from external systems and perform some action of that data. This process mainly consists of importing the data, manipulating it and storing it before processing. It can be really tedious to build scripts to import, manipulate and store the data, that’s why I’ve been working on a SaaS application in my spare time to make this easier for other developers.

Goal of my SaaS

The goal of my SaaS is to make life easier for developers worldwide by providing an easy to use, yet powerful, application to help import and manipulate data. This manipulated data can be fetched via an easy to use API, be downloaded as CSV, JSON or be pushed to your application using webhooks. It will also be possible to schedule those imports periodically so you’ll stay up to date when the data changes if you’ve implemented the webhooks.

One of the future goals is to support major platforms like Shopify, Magento and WordPress as both an import source and an output destination for the data.

Building in public

I like the idea of building this SaaS in public to get feedback from your guys. That’s why I’m starting a series of posts to keep you guys updated of the progress and give you some insights in the technologies I used and how and why I used them. So stay tuned because I think you’re going to like these posts.

Current status of the SaaS

The basic functionality of the application has been built and I’m currently working of the frontend part. After that it’s implementing a few more import sources and manipulation options before I’ll do a private beta test with a few people.

If you’d like to join this private beta or you just want to stay updated on the progress, you can join the waitinglist of Data Blade over at

Oh yeah, I haven’t mentioned it before, but the name of the SaaS will be Data Blade 😉

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