Adding functionality to the app (Part 6)

In the previous part we’ve created a basic mobile app using React Native and the Expo framework. We’ve added login functionality and setup the router for our app. In this part we’re going add a registration screen and handle user activation using deeplinks.

The user registration screen

Let’s start by creating a user registration screen. This will be a very basic form for this series with just 4 input fields and a button. We’ll need the user’s first name, last name, email address and a password for the account.

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Setting up React Native (Part 5)

In the last part of this series we’ve finished our API for our stock portfolio. Today we’re going to start building our mobile app using React Native. We’ll start by setting up a new project using React Native, after which we’ll implement a basic login screen with login logic. This will cover the full spectrum, from building screens to calling our API for logging in.

Set up React Native

Install Expo

To make development with React Native a bit easier we’re going to use a framework called Expo. This framework consists of a set of tools to make developing, building and releasing React Native apps a lot easier.

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